Writing a Dissertation – Where Can You Do It?

Writing a Dissertation – Where Can You Do It?Sometimes, students cannot find the place, where it is possible to write a dissertation efficiently. You know that writing a dissertation takes a lot of time. Also, you should concentrate on your dissertation writing and you are bothered with only one question: “Where can I start my dissertation writing?”
In order to help you, I have made a little experiment and analyzed the places, which are more appropriate for writing a dissertation. I found out the positive and negative sides of those places and now I am ready to present you the results.
So, here is a list of places, where it is possible to write a dissertation:
Place for writing a dissertation
Positive side:
You may write any time you want;
You can have a break any time you want;
You should not think about your appearance – since no one will judge you here;
Negative side
You cannot sometimes concentrate on your assignment – too much temptation;
You cannot find necessary material;
You face some difficulties with planning your time
Positive side
You may find any source you want for your dissertation writing;
You have a desire to work – the surroundings tell you that you should write your dissertation;
You may ask for help – someone’s hint is very important for your dissertation writing;
Negative side
You can work only for a certain period of time –libraries do not work 24\7;
You cannot listen to music while writing your dissertation;
You cannot eat while you writing your dissertation – there are certain rules, which you cannot break!
OUTSIDE (it is possible, if you want)
Positive side
You get an opportunity to breathe fresh air;
You should not use the lamp – it is better for your eyes;
You may combine study and pleasure;
Negative side
You should bring some books with you;
You may be distracted by passers-by;
You should rely on the weather!
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