Advice on Writing Science Fiction Book Reports

Advice on Writing Science Fiction Book ReportsScience fiction is a very specific genre of literature that not everybody likes and understands. This is why, science fiction book reports can be important. Perhaps, somebody will change his/her opinion about science fiction after reading good science fiction book reports.
Writing a book report can be quite tricky. You will have to assess someone’s hard work, no matter whether it is successful or not. It is more likely that the author of the book will not read your student book report. Still, excessive criticism in the science fiction book report will not be a great advantage of your work.
In this article you will find out some main principles of writing a science fiction book report.
Science fiction book report should contain a short description of the main points of the book you are writing about. Briefly tell about the purpose and the main topic of the book.
Science fiction book report should not be a mere summary of what you have read. Your main goal is to evaluate the work, point its advantages and drawbacks.
Science fiction book report should present your personal judgments, some aspects of the book that you agree or disagree with. However, you should do it in a tactful manner.
Take into account that all your statements should be backed up by reasonable arguments and proofs. You cannot just say “this book is worth/not worth reading”. The reader should get the reasons for doing this or that.
It may happen that you do not know much about some things that were described in the book. However, it is not the reason to show your inexperience in the science fiction book report. You should write your report as if you are a real expert. Otherwise, who will lend an attentive ear to your point of view?
So, take seriously these tips and do your best to write a professional science fiction book report.
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