Master Thesis Writing Process

Master Thesis Writing ProcessMaster thesis is one of those final assignments that are extremely important for your degree. So, do not waste your time – but get to work on your master thesis.
Master thesis topics
Your master thesis topic should be connected with the field you are specializing in. In other words, this is a really bad idea to pick a topic you have never researched. The main idea of your master thesis is to write a final paper that will be based on your previous researches and studies.
Master thesis database
Master thesis database is the bottom line of the paper. Moreover, by the time you have chosen the topic, you should already have some materials and a clear vision of where to look for additional information. This is obvious that the best place to work on your database is the library – university, or public, or even an electronic one. Again, this is not a secret that Internet resources are rarely reliable enough to incorporate them in your master theses research. You are not the first year student, so you are aware of all possible places you should visit in order to create a good database for you master thesis.
Master thesis structure
This is impossible to provide a structure that would perfectly suit every teacher’s requirements. So, before following the outline given below, you should consult your teacher on his/her structure requirements. Only then you should decide whether this outline can be applied to your paper:
Introduction of your master thesis.
Master thesis statement, aims and objectives.
Background information on the issue of your master thesis.
Methodology description section.
Research section of your master thesis.
Analytical section.
Conclusion of your master thesis
Reference page.
Good luck with your master theses!
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