How to Write “The Pearl” Book Report

One of the literature compositions that students study in the course of American literature is “The Pearl” by J. Steinbeck. In order to develop critical thinking along with writing skills, they can be assigned to write “The Pearl” book report.
If you have to write “The Pearl” book report, you have to think of the possible issues to be disclosed there. I would like to help you with writing “The Pearl” book report by providing the guidelines that you can follow in order to organize your “The Pearl” book report qualitatively.
Information on Steinbeck. What can you tell about this great American writer? In this part of “The Pearl” book report you had better mention about the way Steinbeck formed his literature likes and dislikes. Who had the strongest influence on him?
The main characters. This part of “The Pearl” book report you can tell about the main characters of the book, about their relations, behavior. “The Pearl” book report, devoted to the discussion of the main characters of the book, can also present your personal attitude to the main characters. Whom do you like? Whom do you dislike? Provide your explanations;
The main idea. It is more than important to disclose the main idea of the book in “The Pearl” book report. So, just think over the question “what the author wanted to show in his novel”;
The main conflict. Every story has a problem. You have to single it out and specify in “The Pearl” book report. Once you tell about it in “The Pearl” book report, discuss how it is solved.
Recommendations. No matter whether you liked this book or not, you have to provide your own recommendations to the other readers.
Thus, “The Pearl” book report will be properly organized and you will get the highest grade ever!
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