Left Behind Book Report

Left Behind Book ReportIf you do not remember the main purpose of writing a book report, I will remind you. The main goal of writing a book report is to present your evaluation of a book, giving critical comments. So, this is what you will have to do in your Left Behind book report.
If you have not read the book yet, we strongly recommend you to do it. First, it is significant for writing your Left Behind book report. You will be able to write it properly if you know all the details of the story. Second, it is just very interesting and thought-provoking novel, which I am sure, will not remain you indifferent.
Now, let me introduce you some facts about the book that will be absolutely helpful for writing your Left Behind book report.
While writing your Left Behind book report, you will have to give a short summary of the plot. The novel describes a strange event that happened to people. One day, millions of people just disappeared. Only several survivors were left and they started to search for their families and friends. Nobody could understand what had happened except of a pastor, who considered it to be the Rapture.
By the way, in the Left Behind book report you can give the explanation of what the Rapture is. Actually, according to Christian beliefs, this is a day when Jesus Christ will come back on Earth with all the saint spirits. In your Left Behind book report you should say that the whole book is built around Christian themes.
You can disclose some of those themes in your Left Behind book report: for instance, you can investigate the topics of Antichrist, Second Coming and Tribulation. Definitely you will have to give your interpretation of these topics in the Left Behind book report. In fact, all the themes and the book itself want to say that nothing can last forever and one day people will have to forfeit for their deeds.
So, these are the main ideas that should be presented in your Left Behind book reports.
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