Writing a Dissertation on Ocean Sunfish

Writing a Dissertation on Ocean SunfishWriting a dissertation requires your investigation of a challenging, catchy and an unusual topic. At a glance, it seems to be quite difficult to think of such a topic. However, without it writing a dissertation may appear pointless. If you write your project on a well-studied and common dissertation topic, it is more likely that nobody will notice it, and thus, it will mean that writing a dissertation is something you did not manage to do.
If you do not want to find yourself in this awful situation, you can read our article and start writing a dissertation on the proposed topic. We offer you to investigate an extraordinary fish – ocean sunfish. And these are our tips for you, which I think should be helpful for writing a dissertation.
Let us start with the fact that sunfish is the heaviest fish. Its average weight is 1000 kilograms. Sunfish does not resemble other fishes. It looks like a head of a fish without a tail and it is flat.
While writing a dissertation, you have to tell about the habitat, nutrition, behavior of the sunfish. This fish can be found in the temperate and tropical waters around the world. Basically, this fish eats jellyfish. Since jellyfish is not very nutritive, sunfish needs to it in big amounts.
When writing a dissertation, you can also say that there are not many predators that hunt sunfish. What is more, adult species have very thick skin and it protects them from the smaller predators. However, sharks, sea lions and orcas can hunt them. You can mention one very interesting fact in the course of writing a dissertation: actually, sea lions hunt sunfish just for fun. They catch the fish, tear off the fins, toss its body and then just live still alive fish to die.
All these facts about sunfish just intend to inspire you on writing a dissertation devoted to this amazing creature. I am sure it will be an extremely fascinating work.
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