Geography Coursework – Guidelines for Writing

Geography Coursework – Guidelines for WritingGeography is an extremely broad science. To write a geography coursework, first you need to decide on a certain branch of Geography that you are going to write coursework about. You can choose from the following branches for your geography coursework: physical geography, regional geography, human geography, environmental geography, geomatics and some other related fields.
If you like working with maps and investigate the processes running on the Earth, you can choose physical or regional geography for your geography coursework. If you want to study the impact of human activity and people on Earth in general, you should choose human or environmental geography for writing the geography coursework.
Still, there is something that you need to take into account before you start writing your geography courseworks. All these branches mentioned above also have various subfields, which are focused on particular aspects.
Thus, if in your geography coursework you want to study some cultural norms, traditions, the influence of language, religion, economy and so on, on the development of particular nations, you can choose cultural geography sub-field within the field of human geography.
While writing your geography coursework, you will have to use some investigation techniques that are common for geographers:
Systematic – joining geographical knowledge into certain groups for better understanding and investigation on the global scale.
Regional – divides the planet into regions for studying the relations between them.
Analytical – analyzes why some particular features can be found in particular regions and are intrinsic to particular populations.
Descriptive – just describes some common features and populations for specific locations.
So, according to the branch of geography that you will choose for writing your geography coursework, you will need to use corresponding methods of investigation.
Do not forget that no matter what branch you will choose for your geography courseworks, you should use various maps and atlases within your work.
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