Great Writing Tips

In case you are wondering, you can be a better writer. Here are some proven tips on how to keep your keyboard keys clicking:

Hit the gate running. Start your writing project with a catchy, spirited lead sentence. This will draw your reader in, piquing his or her interest to find out where you are going with your paper or story.

Read..then read again. After you’ve finished your writing project, proofread it. This means re-read your work, checking for mistakes in grammar, tense, punctuation and spelling. Then, check it again. If possible, put the project aside, come back to it the next day, and proofread it again. The fresh perspective might catch mistakes you missed previously.

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Imitate success. Review the works of Hemmingway, Faulkner, Joyce, Milton, Oates and other famous writers. These authors can knock you out with mere words. Honestly.

Journal it. Keep a journal; write down whatever you want. What did that store clerk say to you yesterday? Why did your aunt sell her old sewing machine? The purpose is to get you to write, not to necessarily be as expressive as possible. That will come later.

Consider freewriting. This is where you sit down at the computer and simply start writing whatever comes to mind for five to ten minutes. Save your work and after a couple of days review it; you might find some raw gems in your meanderings. You can also employ freewriting if you have a specific topic you need to explore.
If you are a student of writing, you might notice that the most important tip of all is missing. Not paying attention to this one could mean anything else you do will not matter. What is this secret? Well, it’s really no secret at all. You just need to…

…Write on. Sit down at the keyboard and start writing. Many famous and not-so-famous writers swear by this work ethic. It may be difficult at first but your ability to take ideas and concepts in your head and get them onto that screen in front of you will eventually get easier. Do not think you need to perform this or any of the tips noted above in silence-keep that iPod charged up and crank up the tunes!
You might know this one was coming, but practice really does make perfect.
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