The Giver Book Report

The Giver Book ReportHave you ever heard about the book by Lois Lowry “The Giver”? This book brought a lot of awards to its author, among which are the Newbery Medal and William Allen White Award. I think that these awards cannot be given just for nothing. So, it is worth reading (at least to see whether it is worth all these awards).
Well, in order to express your own point of view on this novel, it is possible to write the Giver book reports. Of course, all your writing should be organized according to the rules.
In the Giver book report you should show that you have read this novel and you are able to analyze and think logically. Approximately 180 pages tell you about the utopian society.
It is very important to know what you can write in the Giver book report and what should be omitted. I will present you several issues, which may help you create a catchy the Giver book report.
The main idea of the story is eliminating pain and suffering. You should point out this factor in the Giver book report.
The main heroes of the novel are Jonas (an 11-years old protagonist), the Giver (local incumbent), Jonas’s parents and sister (Lily, an energetic girl), Asher (the best friend of the protagonist), etc… Each character brings something unusual into the play and you should underline this in the Giver book report.
The main problems, which are raised in the novel, should be mentioned in the Giver book report: color issues, nudity motives, music role, etc… All these issues are so usual in our everyday life; still, they are so crucial for the novel.
You have all chances to create perfect the Giver book reports. Find some time in order to read the novel and analyze its peculiar features. I hope you can do this with ease and the Giver book report will amaze everyone.
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