Milkweed Book Report Writing

Milkweed Book Report WritingDo you have to write a book report on Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli? Well, you have got a perfect opportunity to read this book, which is highly-rated by other students. You can also listen to the audio version of this book online and complete your Milkweed book report.
What points should be covered in your Milkweed book reports? Let us talk about them:
Information about the author. Who is the author of this book? How did the idea of writing this piece came to him? Do not write too much about Spinelli in this part of your Milkweed book report. Your Milkweed book report aims to analyze the book itself rather than its author’s life;
The subject of this book. This section of your Milkweed book reports will aim to answer the question: “What this book is about?” So, in this part of your Milkweed book report tell that this book is about the inner struggle of a person;
The main idea of this book. In your Milkweed book report, you have to explain what author wanted to tell us, what idea he wanted to convey.
The main character of this book. In this part of your Milkweed book report tell about Misha Pilsudski, his fears, relations with his family and friends, his beliefs and memories;
Your personal impressions from the book. Good Milkweed book reports should reflect your personal feedback on this book. What impressions have you got from reading this book? Tell about it in the final part of your Milkweed book report.
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