Themes for the Crucible Book Report

Themes for the Crucible Book ReportWriting book reports is a very common thing in the academic life of every student. I am sure you have already done a science fiction report or a book report on any other work of literature that you read. Thus, it is more likely that you are quite experienced in writing this assignment and you will not need custom book reports.
So, this time you have to write a report on an amazing story. The Crucible is one of the most famous works of Arthur Miller, which was written in the early 1950s. It was devoted to one of the most irresponsible periods in the American history – the policy of McCarthyism.
We suppose that you are aware of the content of the book, since without it writing the Crucible book report will be almost impossible. There are a lot of themes that the story touches upon and that can be covered in the Crucible book report. Some of them are introduced in this article.
Themes for the Crucible book report:
The theme of intolerance is one of the possible issues to be discussed in the Crucible book reports. The story itself takes place in a theocratic society. It means that religion and moral laws are crucial for every member of the community. Breaking some of those laws is considered to be deviant and satanic. In the Crucible book report you may draw some parallels with certain societies of the modern world.
The theme of hysteria is really interesting to investigate in the Crucible book report. Hysteria in Salem led to awful results when people could not trust each other. Thus, in the Crucible book report you can think who may need that hysteria and what for.
The theme of reputation is one more issue to be covered in the Crucible book reports. Reputation for people in Salem was one of the most significant values. It even could mean that if somebody from your friends or relatives was suspected of some sins, it would taint your name. Think in the Crucible book report whether such a life can be really happy.
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