The Wall Book Review

The Wall Book ReviewTo write a literature review is not very difficult. You need to read a book, then present information about its author, introduce the plot and, finally, write your opinion on the story. Besides, in your literature review paper you need to follow a certain structure.
Using an example, let us find out what chapters should be included in your The Wall book review.
The Wall is one of Jean-Paul Sartre works. It turns out to be the central work in the collection of his stories (named also The Wall), which was devoted to Olga Kosakiewicz (the author’s companion).
The Wall book review will be based on the discussion of this story. Try to concentrate on the purpose of the story, its content and its impact on the public.
The Wall book review may reflect your reaction to the story. You should know the content: it tells about the power of destiny. In order to save Ramon, Pablo lies about his comrade’s possible location. At the same time, Ramon decides to change his location and hides at the pointed by Pablo place. As a result, Ramon is killed and Pablo is saved from the wall (the place for prisoners’ execution).
The Wall book review is about your personal thoughts on this story. The Wall book review is the work, where you are to evaluate the plot and make your own conclusions.
The Wall book review should have an effective introduction. Create a good thesis statement that may help you write your paper.
The Wall book review gives an opportunity to think in the author’s way. Why did the author choose such topic? What did he want to say?
Read the story, and you can easily create a good The Wall book review using our hints.
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