Domestic Violence Essay

Lessons To Learn From A Domestic Violence Essay
A domestic violence essay can talk of child abuse or intimate partner violence occurring in the confines of the home. Violence can be demonstrated in different ways. Some use their fists. Some verbally insult at first and then try to dominate using violence. Frustration can lead to weak individuals venting their frustration on other family members. In the United States alone, over 32 million have been affected by domestic violence in some form of the other. A law student can actually compile a law essay on preventive measures to tackle the problem. Studies have proved that it is possible and necessary to prevent it. Many countries have introduced legal strictures to deal with the problem; though in some cases, the quantum of domestic violence is difficult to measure. With the number of cases in family courts increasing, it has become imperative to analyze the different reasons for domestic violence and present humane and effective ways to deal with it.
Violence against women is very common in Asian countries. Approximately, one in every three women between the ages of 15 to 49 years has faced some form of physical abuse, while one in ten has faced sexual violence. The problem is so serious that the government has taken measure to tackle it on a war footing. A common family structure is such that two to three generations stay together. The joint family structure can lead to one family member trying to dominate another. Unfortunately, women make easy targets. An added problem is dowry killing that is becoming a difficult problem to solve and is very common in villages and rural parts of the country. A domestic violence essay should highlight the fact that nearly 37% of women have been abused by their husbands in some form or the other.
Intimate partner violence is very openly discussed nowadays. Earlier, family pride used to cover up acts like honor killing, but now the law is more vigilant and can address domestic problems better. Society has a big role to play in preventing problems at home. Schools have already initiated programs that educate parents about how to deal with child abuse and other domestic problems through child abuse essays and community welfare schemes. More often than not, domestic violence is the reason for children showing signs of trauma in school. Parents are too busy trying to solve their marital problems that they hardly realize the effects it has on the children. A poverty essay would indicate that it could start with a misunderstanding about insufficient funds for food or clothes. If left unattended, it would boil over into one partner trying to dominate the other.
Financial instability is often the reason many victims of domestic violence are unable to leave a dangerous relationship. The earning member could have frustration building up due to problems at the workplace. Domination by colleagues or dissatisfaction on account of meager pay scales can lead to individuals trying to find ways to vent their frustration. They systematically abuse those who cannot retaliate. A student compiling a domestic violence essay would learn that money is an essential evil that can prevent many cases of physical and mental abuse among family members.
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