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Keep Yourself Updated With Essay Phrases
Essay phrases help in organizing content into logical sentences and paragraphs. An essay structure needs to be established for an essay to be complete. Each sentence starting from the introduction to the conclusion should connect with the topic being discussed. To help maintain continuity and speed, students can use phrases that simplify the process.
Phrases Should Offer Pictorial Description: A phrase is a group of words that collectively make sense together within a sentence. For example, “The free-sized Hawaiian shirt in the display window” is a phrase that tends to describe the shirt in great detail and where it is located. A shorter phrase could be used to describe the shirt. “The colorful shirt display” would also suffice. There is a difference though in the amount of information imparted by both these phrases. One describes in great detail and presents a pictorial description for the benefit of readers, while the other does not offer much information. Phrases should be used to describe content in detail. Only then would readers be interested in the essay.
Develop Unique Style Of Writing With Essay Phrases: Students can build up a list of essay phrases commonly used in English essay topics. The exercise would ensure they are constantly in touch with phrases that can improve their writing skills. Vocabulary can be built up over a period of time. By constantly using phrases in essays, the process of writing is simplified. Students find it easier to include descriptive words that would appeal to readers. It is vital that writers develop their own style of writing. Students would have to complete several assignments through school and college. A unique writing style would help establish their credentials as a good writer.
Transitional Phrases: They are commonly used to link ideas within the essay and can lead readers into the next sentence with expectation. Some transitional phrases commonly used have been listed below.
• Similarly,
• For example,
• On the contrary,
• In the meantime,
• While this may be true,
• At the same time,
Students should understand how phrases are to be used. They have to be complete in every sense. It is not possible to use phrases in isolation. A combination of transitional phrases with an added group of words completes the meaning to be conveyed. Consider the following example.
The message in the first paragraph lacks clarity. Similarly, the second paragraph has a similar problem (improper use of phrases).
The message in the first paragraph lacks clarity without transitional phrases. Although the second paragraph does include a few, it has a similar problem, as continuity is not maintained (proper use of phrases).
Essay phrases can be used to quote examples, add, compare and contrast, illustrate, summarize, suggest, or in any context that adds added meaning to a sentence. Use direct speech to have added influence on an audience. Along with direct speech, subtle use of phrases helps in establishing more effect within a sentence and paragraph. Proper use of transitional essay phrases will add clarity and flow to a creative writing essay. In time, students can easily establish their own unique style of writing.
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