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PEP Coursework WritingWhat is PEP coursework? What is PEP itself? It sounds like one more complicated abbreviation for the majority of students. Actually, there is nothing strange about it, because only students who are related to physical education can know what PEP courseworks may mean.
So, PEP stands for Personal Exercise Program. This program allows you to make your personal exercise plan. It means that you should put your theoretical knowledge into practice.
Before you start writing your PEP coursework paper, you will have to conduct research. While researching, you will have to find answers to the next questions:
What are the main training rules that have an impact on my PEP?
What are the kinds of training that will match my PEP?
When and in what cases can I check whether I have made a progress?
What should I use to make my PEP effective?
Once you get the answers, you can move on to PEP coursework writing. PEP courseworks consist of the same parts as any other academic writing. This is going to be: title page, abstract, introduction, main text and conclusion. If you have any doubts as for what you should write in some of the listed parts, your tutor can always help you coursework writing.
Now, we would like to take a closer look at some other features of your PEP coursework that you have to pay attention to.
Try to avoid passive voice in your PEP coursework.
Try to avoid sophisticated words, but still, do not use too informal language.
You should give examples to all actions that are described in your PEP courseworks.
Mind that all the results and conclusions of your PEP coursework should be supported by solid proofs.
Your PEP courseworks can be significantly enriched if you place illustrations of some exercises in it. Or you can ask your teacher what else you can do to make your PEP coursework better.
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