Basic Themes for the Hobbit Book Report

Basic Themes for the Hobbit Book ReportProbably, you will not find a person who has not read or, at least, heard about The Hobbit of J.R.R. Tolkien. Some time ago, this book gained the tremendous popularity, and after several movies were produced the whole world has found out about the hobbits, goblins, dwarfs and other magic creatures.
There are people who do not like the stories of that kind too much. However, The Hobbit is something that we would recommend reading. Besides, it will be helpful for writing a successful the Hobbit book report.
So, the Hobbit book report is impossible without reading the book and will be much easier with the help of our article. Do you remember the main purpose of writing any book report? You have to define the main themes of the book, the sense that the author wanted to transfer. This is why we are going to give you several issues that can be discussed in the Hobbit book report.
Greed – is one of the central themes of the Hobbit. Dwarves started a dangerous and difficult journey to reclaim their treasure.
However, the real motivation is greed. First, Bilbo, the main protagonist of the story, was just helping the dwarves to get their treasure. But soon he changed his heart and the treasure also became attractive for him. So, in the Hobbit book report you should think over the lust for money, greed that can ruin people’s relations.
Metamorphosis – is another central idea that should be considered in the Hobbit book reports. Mainly, metamorphoses concern personal qualities of the main characters of the story. The best option is discussing the changes of Bilbo’s character in the Hobbit book report. The thing is that Bilbo is one of those hobbits who never look for the adventures. Perhaps, he can even be called an individual with numerous fears. In the Hobbit book reports you can tell about the dramatic changes that he underwent during his adventures. He managed to cope with his fears and showed himself as a brave hobbit. In the Hobbit book report you can think why the author touched upon this topic. Maybe, he wanted to say that our fears and indecision impede our progress and success?
Some students think that all the themes are hidden in the story and it is hard to discuss them in the Hobbit book reports.
However, if you look more carefully, you will find more than two topics for discussion.
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