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Ideas for English Essays WritingOnce you are assigned to produce an English essay, you need to choose one of the areas to investigate in your paper. If English literature is your strong point, an English essay on literature can bring you a real success. Here you will find a few ideas for writing English essays on literature.
Investigate the role of English literature in the world literature. If you choose this topic for your English essay, you have more chances to be successful, since this topic does not require special literature reading. All you will have to do is to cover it fully, providing reasonable explanations and a few quotations of the world experts in literature. Of course, your English essay should be done in accordance with the main requirements;
Investigate the works of Shakespeare discussed at your classes. There is certainly one topic that you remember from your literature classes. So, why not develop it in your English essay? Besides, you already know what to write about, since such worn topics as ‘Love that is destined to death’ do not need too deep research;
Discuss the famous English literary critics. Some English literary critics are so famous all over the world that any person from any country would be much interested in reading about them, especially if you provide some interesting facts that were unknown for a long time. While writing about critics in your English essay, you may single out for criticizing a few works of the critic you are presenting in your essay. Thus, you will show that you might be a good literary critic yourself in the future. What is more, you will certainly develop your critical abilities while discussing the offered topic in your English essay.
You can use some information from essays on William Shakespeare or Chaucer essay for making your English essay.
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