Dissertation and Thesis – Differences?

Dissertation and Thesis – Differences?Very often students cannot find any difference between a dissertation and thesis. This article has been created especially for those who cannot understand whether a thesis and dissertation is the same thing or not.
These two terms can be sometimes interchangeable. It is possible to say that both dissertation and thesis are academic writings, which are prepared by students in order to demonstrate their knowledge on a given subject and get a desirable degree.
Let us present the first difference between dissertation and thesis.
If you want to get your master’s degree, you are to write a thesis. Thesis writing usually takes place during the last two years of your student life. You should remember that in order to get your master’s degree, you have to concentrate on some special subjects and prepare an original research, which may help you in your thesis writing.
When your goal is to get a doctor’s degree, you should be ready to perform a dissertation. The period of study (in order to get a doctoral degree) is about 5-6 years. You get a chance to receive a kind of extensive knowledge in the subjects you have chosen.
As you can see, a thesis and dissertation are different in their education nature. When you study some special, chosen by you subject, you should write a thesis. A dissertation should be written when you want to present your high level of education. There is one more difference between theses and dissertations.
When you write a thesis, you can get some scholarships to support your research, but they are smaller than those provided and granted for writing a dissertation.
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