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A Merchant Of Venice Essay Review
A Merchant of Venice essay should be reviewed as another masterpiece written by William Shakespeare based on the Merchant of Venice. The art of presenting a pictorial view of the period existing at the time should be very evident in this Shakespeare essay. Bassanio loves Portia, a wealthy heiress. He pays a visit to his wealthy friend Antonio’s home to ask for a loan. Antonio has invested in various ventures and is unable to offer Bassanio the loan. Instead, he takes him to Shylock, a moneylender. Antonio is ready to pledge his wealth as surety for the loan. Shylock sees his chance of seeking revenge for the ridicule he endured from Antonio and other Christian merchants for charging high interest rates and for being a Jew. He puts in a weird condition that if the loan was not repaid in three months, he would get his “pound of flesh.”
Portia’s father had sought a promise from her that she would marry the one who chose the right casket from among three kept as a test to check a suitor’s intentions. The three caskets made of gold, silver, and lead respectively. Several noblemen including a Neapolitan prince, and a Frenchman arrive but decide against taking the test. Portia is very happy, as she does not like any of them. But then she hears that the Prince of Morocco is arriving to try his luck. The Merchant of Venice essay must highlight the fact that she does not like him because he is black. The Prince chooses the golden casket which does not contain her picture. Unlike a Romeo and Juliet essay, the review should mention the fact that Portia is not willing to go against her father’s wishes.
Meanwhile, Bassanio has enough money and leaves for Portia’s home in Belmont. Shylock has a daughter Jessica who decides to elope with Bassanio’s friend, Lorenzo. She does so with her father’s gold. Bassanio arrives at Delmont. Portia is very pleased. To help select the right casket, she has a song sung to provide him a clue. He selects the right casket, and Portia pledges to marry him by giving him a ring which he is to never part with. Bassanio receives his friend Loranzo and Jessica with great pleasure. His joy is shortlived. He opens Antonio’s letter, which brings bad news. Antonio’s ships have sunk, and he is bound by Shylock’s condition.
Bassanio leaves for Venice to release Antonio from the pledge with money offered by Portia, who secretly follows him with Jessica. It is important to mention about the proceedings that take place in the Venetian court of justice. The literature essay must bring out the wit and language skills demonstrated by Portia disguised as Bellario, an eminent lawyer. Shylock is bent on revenge and does not agree to accept three times the money owed to him. Portia traps him by saying that not a drop of blood should be shed when he claims his pound of flesh. Shylock realizes his folly. He not only loses his claim but is sentenced to pledge his entire wealth and property to Jessica and Loranzo. The Merchant of Venice essay can conclude with the scene uniting all the couples. All ends well.
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