Need a Thesis Report?

Need a Thesis Report?Thesis defense is unavoidable as well as thesis writing. This is the final step to the graduation day. So, if you want to pass this stage successfully, you have to pull yourself together and start working. After you have written a thesis, you have to get ready for the defense before the committee. To do this, you need to make a thesis report. Any thesis report is a short description of the main issues presented in your thesis.
So, what do you need to present in your thesis report.
Thesis reports should start with introducing the topic of your project: why you chose this very issue for investigation.
Thesis report should present the purposes you set at the beginning of your research and the methods you used to conduct it.
Thesis report should definitely underline the relevance and significance of your research.
Thesis reports will be incomplete without a description of the research process and difficulties you faced (if any), how you coped with them.
Thesis report has to state the outcomes of your work, summarizing the whole work done. Mention whether you have managed to achieve the purposes set, giving your recommendations for those who would like to continue investigating your topic.
While preparing your thesis report, try to present only the most significant issues; do not go too deep into the details. Be brief, clear but informative. The thesis committee should get the idea of your research.
Besides, you may prepare different handouts. Thus, if your thesis includes statistical data, it is better if the members of the committee can see it. You will definitely benefit from this.
After you have written everything down, read it aloud several times. Ask your friends to listen to it and comment whether it sounds logically and all the ideas are expressed in a proper way. Think over the possible questions and prepare answers to them.
Good luck!
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