Extraordinary Van Gogh Essays

Extraordinary Van Gogh EssaysVincent Van Gogh was one of the most significant and influential figures in the history of art. His life was full of mystery and odd events. So, your Van Gogh essay cannot be just an ordinary piece of writing.
You should definitely realize that such a prominent personality deserves being described in an unusual way. Yet, probably, you do not have clear ideas on how it should be done. Writing about his cut ear or his mental disease can be just a small part of catchy Van Gogh essays. Still, it will not make them extraordinary.
We suggest you reincarnating for a while. Imagine that you reincarnate into one of the three roles mentioned below. Write your Van Gogh essay from that very perspective and describe everything that you feel/think.
The role of a curious news reporter
Writing Van Gogh essays from this perspective allows you investigating each detail of Van Gogh’s life. You will have to carry out small research and later write a kind of an article. We have prepared several questions that may be helpful for Van Gogh essay writing:
When and where was Vincent Van Gogh born?
What do you know about his family?
What can you tell about his first jobs?
What was Van Gogh’s disease and what were its effects?
The role of an art critic
Writing Van Gogh essays from the perspective of an art critic can help you find out more about his artworks. You will have to discuss and evaluate them. What questions can help you write such Van Gogh essay?
What is the title of a picture?
What can you see on it?
What subjects or people are described?
What impression do they make?
The role of an expert on suicides
Writing Van Gogh essays from this perspective may seem a bit strange, but it will help you comprehend all the reasons for Van Gogh’s actions and suicide. Besides, this role is more complicated than the previous ones. To write such Van Gogh essay, you will have to learn more about the suicide itself. In the conclusion of your Van Gogh essay, think whether he could be treated somehow.
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