How to Write Essays in APA Style

How to Write Essays in APA StyleDo you have to write a Science or Psychology essay? Then your essay is sure to be written in APA style.
You might get a bit irritated because of the number of rules that many other sources present. This article is absolutely another ‘pair of shoes’. The rules of writing essays in APA style are presented here as briefly and precisely as possible. Still, they will be quite enough for making good essays in APA style. Here they are:
Print your essay in APA style on one side of a standard-size high quality paper.
Leave one-inch margins from all sides of your APA essay.
Double-space the entire text of your essays in APA style.
Paginate consecutively, beginning with the Title Page up to the References inclusive.
Use Arabic numerals for pagination. Place page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.
Write a short title throughout your essay in APA style including the title page.
Actually, this short title is a single two or three-word derivation of the title page. It is placed near every page number.
Center the Title Page. Each important word should be capitalized. Use double space between the lines if your title requires more than a line.
5 – 7 spaces are required between each paragraph of essays in APA style. It should be noted here that abstract, block quotations, titles and headings, table titles and entries in the reference list must not be indented.
Place the sources mentioned in your essay in APA style on a separate page. This will be your Reference page.
If the information on writing essays in APA style given below is still insufficient for you, read about APA format research papers and APA style of term paper.
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