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Character Analysis – Romeo And Juliet Essay
A Romeo and Juliet essay can really bring to life the many characters that have made this William Shakespeare’s tragedy the most performed and watched play the world over. The story is about two lovers who are destined never to be united forever. At a time when feudal culture was at its peak, the Montagues and Capulets are two noble families who never miss a chance to fight with each other. They are so notorious for disturbing the peace that the Prince of Verona announces that those found disturbing the peace would be severely punished. In the literature essay, this background should make it obvious that both families would be dictating terms for any sort of alliance between them. Here is a brief character analysis of the main characters in the play.
Romeo is the eternal romantic who first thinks he is in love with Rosaline, a girl from the Capulat family. On going to the ball organized at the Capulet house to meet the girl, he sees Juliet and falls in love with her. This is the typical example of “Love At First Sight.” In the famous “balcony scene,” he expresses his love for Juliet on learning that she too is in love with him and would willingly court danger to be with him. The Shakespeare essay should point out that he refuses to accept a duel with Tybalt over Juliet. A Romeo and Juliet essay should also highlight the fact that refusing a duel was considered dishonorable at the time. His emotional side and love for his family can be gauged by the fact that he eventually does fight and kill Tybalt, as he feels responsible for the death of his cousin, Mercutio. He is also impulsive and brave.
Juliet is born into the rich Capulet family. She is headstrong and can make her own decisions. Though she is not yet fourteen, she has already made up her mind that she loves Romeo and would face any danger to be with him. She is committed and loves Romeo with all her heart. The audience sees her as a timid girl who does not speak much. That she is strong and determined is evident when she refuses to marry Paris, a rich suitor. She is ready to take a drug that would make her unconscious for over 40 hours just to be with Romeo. In fact, she does get married to him secretly and their marriage is consummated. She does all this before she turns 15, and is the real hero in the play. Her intense and endearing nature has generated a lot of interest among viewers.
Paris is rich, handsome, and belongs to a royal family. He is in love with Juliet and proposes to marry her. He is patient and is willing to wait for two years till Juliet is 17 to marry her. Though arrogant of the fact that he has royalty is his blood, he is emotional and truly loves Juliet as is evident when he visits the crypt where Juliet pretends to be dead and mourns over his loss.
The Romeo and Juliet essay can also analyze other characters like Mercutio, Prince Escalus, and Friar Laurence.

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