The SAT Essay Samples

The SAT Essay SamplesThe SAT Reasoning Test is one of the tests for students who want to enter a college in the United States. It consists of four main parts:
Critical reading;
Math section;
In this article, we are glad to present you requirements for the SAT essays. One of the possible ways to get ready for the SAT essays is to analyze the examples for the SAT essays. This is what we are going to do right now!
However, before we start analyzing the SAT essay samples, let us point out one important issue that you will not find in the SAT essay examples. Mind that you have only 25 minutes to write this essay.
We have analyzed several SAT essay samples. This is what we got:
All SAT essay samples demonstrate that these papers should be written in response to an offered prompt.
These prompts are usually of a philosophical character. That is why students’ social and educational background is not that important in this part of the test. Here, students may be assigned to write about human values, technological changes and their impact on our everyday life, etc…
All SAT essay examples show that there is no certain structure.
On the one hand, it is great! Students have a wonderful opportunity to present their ideas the way they want! On the other hand, this point is rather ambiguous. Some students get confused, as they cannot decide what to write first, how to organize their ideas, etc.
All SAT essay samples have several common features. They will never be
Hope this information obtained after our analysis of some good examples for SAT will help you.
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