Man Ray Essay: Ideas to Consider

Man Ray Essay: Ideas to ConsiderEmmanuel Radnitsky was an American artist, photographer and film-maker. In childhood, he was teased about his name, so, we know this magnificent artist as Man Ray.
He was one of the most influential artists of XX century. Do not be surprised if one day you get a task to prepare Man Ray essay. It is not that frustrating if you have seen some of his works and know the most important facts from his biography.
Still, what should you do if you have never come across his works? You have a concrete assignment – to prepare Man Ray essay, however, you have no idea of how to do it!
Do not panic! This article can help you! Right now, we will present you several ideas that can be introduced in Man Ray essays.
Essays about Man Ray: idea #1
Man Ray’s biography
His parents were Russian-Jewish immigrants. He was born in Philadelphia, lived in Brooklyn and died in Paris. Such “geographically-varied” life may be one of the subjects in your Man Ray essay.
Essays about Man Ray: idea #2
Alfred Stieglitz’s influence
You cannot but mention about the impact of Alfred Stieglitz on the artist in your Man Ray essay. Thanks to this person, Man Ray learnt about avant-garde art and, even more, he became its great admirer!
Essays about Man Ray: idea #3
Life in Paris
Man Ray moved to Paris in 1921. There he met Alice Prin, a French artist’s model, actress, painter, and nightclub singer. She became his companion later. In Paris, Ray met a lot of people who became his friends: Hemmingway, Picasso, Dali, etc… You can write about the works created in Paris in your Man Ray essay.
To create a perfect Man Ray essays, read more about his life and works!
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