Blood Brothers Essay

Review Of A Tragedy Through A Blood Brothers Essay
A Blood Brothers essay can be an exciting assignment based on one of the longest-running musical plays by Willy Russell. The musical was staged first in 1988 and has since regaled audiences the world over. Superstition plays a big part in shaping the characters who believe in it. Blood Brothers is based on one. Mrs Johnstone gives birth to twins and is convinced by her employer Mrs Lyons to hand over one of them, as she could not afford looking after both of them. The literature essay can stress on the aspect of poverty, which makes a mother give up a child. Mickey stays with his mother while Edward is adopted by Ms. Lyons. Mrs Johnstone continues working for Mrs Lyons but soon she is made to leave the house. She is bound by the superstition that if the twins were to learn about themselves later, they would die immediately.
The author has gone to great lengths trying to project emotions like belief and fate, which should be highlighted in the Blood Brothers essay. The twins grow up to become friends by the time they are seven years old. They are destined to be “blood brothers” as they mix their blood as a token of brotherhood on learning that they share the same birthday. Other important characters involved in the musical are Sammy, the twins’ elder brother; and Linda, a childhood friend who grows up with Mickey in the same neighborhood. As fate would have it, they Mrs. Lyons comes to know that their friendship and starts believing in the same superstition she used to scare Mrs. Johnstone away. The family moves to the countryside, and the twins are separated till they grow up to be 14 years old.
Mickey and Linda are together and study at the same school. Edward is in a boarding school. Again, as fate would have it, both Mickey and Edward are suspended from school. They meet in a field and their friendship is renewed. Love is in the air. Linda and Mickey love each other, while Edward also loves Linda. He soon realizes that his friends cannot express their love for each other. He helps them express their feelings for each other before joining college. They are now 18 years old and soon marry on learning that Linda is pregnant. Mickey tries to accept responsibility and starts working. He loses his job and Edward offers him money, which he refuses. They part in bitterness.
Mickey accompanies his brother Sammy in a robbery. Luck is not on his side, and he is accused of being an accessory to a murder committed by Sammy. He goes to prison and falls into depression, while Edward grows to become a counselor. On being released from prison, Mickey moves away from Linda, who has a fling with Edward. Mrs. Lyons tells Mickey about the affair, who then storms into a courtroom and confronts Edward with a gun. Mrs. Johnston barges in and tries to save twins by telling them the truth. Mickey accidentally kills Edward. The police retaliate and shoot Mickey down. The Blood Brothers essay can debate on the prediction where the twins meet a tragic end.
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Blood Brothers Essay 9.2 of 10 on the basis of 1927 Review.