Ideas for Essays on September 11

Ideas for Essays on September 11“For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle.
The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and
while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced: For
the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace.”
KORAN, 9.11.
There is probably no person in the world who has not heard about the terrorist attacks that happened on September 11, 2001. It was a tragedy for millions of people.
What do you think about those attacks? What do you know about them? There are so many heated discussions about what actually happened on September 11.
You have a wonderful opportunity to analyze all known fact and theories and present your ideas in September 11 essays.
In order to make your essay on September 11 more interesting and intriguing, we recommend you pay attention to the following numbers. Is it paranoia or something more…?
New York City – 11 letters;
Afghanistan – 11 letters;
Ramsin Yuseb (the person who planned to destroy the Towers in 1993) – 11 letters;
George W Bush – 11 letters;
New York is the 11th state;
There were 92 passengers (including the crew) on the Flight 11 that crashed into the North Tower (9+2=11);
There were 65 passengers (including the crew) on the Flight 175 that crashed into the South Tower (6+5=11);
911 (the number for emergency calls in the US) – 9+1+1=11;
September 11 is 245th day of the year – 2+4+5=11!!!
Do you not find these facts a bit mysterious? Use them to impress your reader in the essay on September 11.
Pay attention to the quotation given at the beginning of this article. You can analyze it in your September 11 essay. An eagle is one of the symbols of the US. Is it a coincidence? Think about this in the essay on September 11.
Of course, these are just numbers… Still, they are real… Does our life depend on numbers? Discuss this issue in the September 11 essay.
While preparing the essay on September 11, you can find a lot of interesting material in archives and online. A great number of scientists and historians presented their own theories as for those attacks. You can use this information in the essay on September 11:
Thierry Meyssan and his “9/11 the Big Lie”. This movie made him the #1 enemy of George Bush;
George Bush and his statement addressed to the Nation.
In order to prepare the essay on September 11, you can also watch the movies dedicated to the events of that terrible day. One of the most interesting is “United 93” directed by Paul Greengrass.
Yes… It is very important to find interesting facts that you can present in the essay on September 11 and amaze everyone. However, it is also very important to follow the requirements while writing September 11 essays.
That is why let us talk how your essay on September 11 should look like:
Start your essay on September 11 with a captivating introduction. Why have you decided to highlight that event? What is your attitude to the attacks?
Develop an informative main body for the essay on September 11. It is not enough just to present the number of passengers on the board of those fatal flights. Be ready to use and analyze facts.
Draw a clear conclusion. What were the aftermaths? Who was guilty? Etc…
Make sure your essay on September 11 is perfectly structured and formatted.
If you do not want to spend your time on writing the September 11 essay, you may use online essays. Read how you can buy essays on our weblog.
Good luck with your September 11 essay!
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