About Research Paper Standards

About Research Paper StandardsDo you need to prepare a standard research paper? Do you have any ideas of how to make this standard research paper perfect? Well, do not panic! You have found just the right article.
A standard research paper is an academic writing where a student first articulates a thesis statement and then argues for it.
The purpose of writing this paper is to demonstrate student’s achievements in a certain field of study, prove his/her writing skills, and give an opportunity to conduct research independently.
To succeed, students should be aware of the necessary research paper standards.
Right now, we will present research paper standards you should consider.
Your first task is to design a title page according to research paper standards:
Center the title of your paper;
Specify your name below;
Write down your tutor’s name, class, period, and due date (one inch from the bottom);
Secondly, you need to organize your Table of Contents in accordance with research paper standards:
Name this page as Table of Contents and place it about 1 inch from the top;
Make a list of chapters and enumerate them.
Remember: number the pages after you prepare your standard research paper.
Thirdly, you need to present the body of your standard research paper considering all necessary requirements set by your tutor:
Spacing, etc…
This is definitely not a full list of research paper standards. Ask your tutor to give all requirements or go to the library to find manuals, guides, etc.
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