Making a Brilliant Rosa Parks Research Paper

Making a Brilliant Rosa Parks Research PaperOn May 2nd, 1980, the children of the Community School in Oakland performed a play devoted to the life of Rosa Park. The scene they performed was the famous case when she defied a bus driver by not giving up her seat to a white man.
Why was that case so significant? Why did even children perform that scene at school? You have a brilliant opportunity to discuss how that event influenced the further US history in your Rosa Parks essay.
There are many other facts about this outstanding personality that you can discuss in the Rosa Parks research paper.
Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat was not spontaneous but planned
As it turned out, a young revolutionary, Dr. Martin Luther King, and other members on NAACP (Rosa Parks was one of them) created a strategy to revolt against Jim Crow’s bus segregation law. That is why the plan of Rosa’s conflict in the bus was developed. So, you can analyze the effectiveness of that plan in your Rosa Parks research paper.
Rosa Parks confessed that there was another reason for the conflict
“But the real reason of my not standing up was I felt that I had a right to be treated as any other passenger. We had endured that kind of treatment for too long.” R. Parks.
You can evaluate that driving force of Parks in your research paper on Rosa Parks. Do you think her personal interests or desire to fight for justice guided Rosa at that moment? Explain it in your research paper on Rosa Parks. You can also include the quotation given above into your Rosa Parks research paper.
Parks’ perfect organizational abilities always helped her win
Many people cannot understand how Parks and other members of the African-American movement gained victories. Rosa’s main secret lied in her organizational abilities. She was a marvelous organizer and had the talent of a persuader. Give more examples illustrating Parks’ abilities in your research paper on Rosa Parks. If you disagree, you are welcome to present and support your viewpoint in the research paper on Rosa Parks.
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