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A Winning Graduate Essay
A graduate essay would be written by students who have had a strong grasp over the essay writing process. Students are expected to be well versed in essay writing after they have passed high school. Their vocabulary would have expanded over the years. Communication skills would have been honed to the extent that putting ideas into writing would be a routine exercise. Not many students can boast of complete mastery over the process, but following a method that works helps. What is needed is for students to use their experience of writing essays in school and combine it with skills developed to write on college topics. Some may have to use those skills to write a college admission essay. Getting into a college of their choice would be a major challenge, as several thousand students would also be trying to get admission essay same college or university
A college admission essay is not very different from an essay written for the purpose of presenting a personal viewpoint on a topic. The subject matter is decided, as students would write about themselves. To make the graduate essay more interesting, they would list out achievements and experiences that have taught them how to tackle problems. Those who would have experienced a life-changing situation and used it to iron out negatives in their approach to life could elaborate on the episode. Assessors are trying to match requirements of colleges and universities to a student’s capability, character traits, and personal experiences.
Students attempting an essay in college would write on topics they are concerned with. A marketing student would write about challenges faced by marketers in the real world, while a student of finance would write about budgets and costing. In other words, students are aiming to specialize in a subject of their choice. Their focus would be to gather maximum information about a topic while preparing to excel in a live work environment. Writing a grad school essay gives them the chance to express their viewpoint on a relevant topic. Such essays would be useful on graduation, as topics covered would be based on recent and hot topics. Students would do well to learn as much as they can in terms of developing an effective writing style, advanced research techniques, and building up their knowledge base.
Passing out of college in flying colors would also include recognition of their writing skills, as coursework, term work, dissertations, and essays would form a chunk of practical exposure in college. Each assignment should therefore be attempted with enthusiasm and intent. Students should build up a database of important principles, vocabulary relevant to the subject, list of websites for future research, and an essay structure that could be used for most essays.
Preparing oneself for practical problem-solving assignments begins with a graduate essay. Students are exposed to principles and models that are used in industry. They should strive to compile essays that would expose them to the practical aspect of a problem. For example, a student of economics could write on recent changes in foreign policy and suggest ways and means to resolve a related problem.
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