Essays on Oil – How to Get an A+

Essays on Oil – How to Get an A+Do you know what oil actually is? It is a substance that forms from the remains of prehistoric organisms, plants and animals that lived in the ocean in the times of dinosaurs. One of the most significant characteristics of oil is that it is a non-renewable resource. It means that one day there will be no oil left on the Earth.
So, what is so special about those “ancient remains”? If you are about to write an essay on oil, you will have to explain a lot of important aspects.
In this article, we will give you several hints for writing your essay on oil.
Major oil producers
There are top 6 countries that are associated with oil production: United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and Mexico. In your essay on oil, explain the significance of each country for the global oil market.
We are running out of oil
As we have already mentioned, oil is a non-renewable resource. What do you think this might lead to? Is there any alternative to oil? Can you imagine our world without oil? Give answers in your essay on oil.
Global oil production
They say that 2013 is going to be the year when the global oil production will reach its peak. What does it mean? Is it going to have any impact on the oil prices? Try to give your vision of the future in essays on oil.
Oil prices
These days, it is one of the most hotly debated topics, and definitely a perfect idea for essays on oil. Oil prices are constantly changing. Can you explain this phenomenon? Who sets oil prices? How do the changes in oil prices affect the general situation in the world? Consider these issues in the oil prices essay.
Writing essays on oil is going to be extremely useful. Just do not forget to edit your paper.
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