Science Project Research Paper

Science Project Research PaperAre you working on your science project? Well, it is rather an interesting and exciting assignment. Your project should be the best and single out among the others. However, there is one important task you should complete – your science project research paper.
In this article, you will find information that will help you prepare your science project research paper successfully.
Your science project research paper should reflect the project you are going to carry out. In other words, your science project research paper should be based on:
Hypothesis that you will try to prove;
Experiment that you will conduct in order to support your hypothesis.
Like any other type of academic papers, your science project research paper should be written according to a certain structure. So, let us present it to you:
Cover Page
Title of a project;
Name of a Scientist (your name);
Tutor’s Name;
Date of Submission.
Table of Contents
Purpose Page – tell what purposes you pursue in this section of your science project research paper;
Procedure Page – tell what your research procedure is like;
Pictures/ Diagrams/ Charts Page – include some figures here;
Results Page – tell about the results of your investigation in this part of the science project research paper;
Conclusion Page – summarize your work;
Reflection Page – answer the following questions in this part of your science project research paper:
What did you learn from the experiment conducted?
Why is your experiment important to other researchers?
What are the strengths of your science experiment?
What would you like to change in your science experiment? How would you do it?
We also strongly recommend you use a sample of a science project research paper before you start writing your own paper.
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