How to Write an Essay on a Short Story

How to Write an Essay on a Short StoryA short story essay is similar to an analysis of a short story. Your purpose is to discuss the main idea of the assigned story and tell how the author discloses it.
In this article, you will find the steps you need to take in order to analyze some book correctly and make your essay on a short story properly.
Find critics’ responses to a story
A literature critique is extremely important for writing essays on short stories. If your tutor did not give you a list of recommended literature, do not give way to despair. You can find many works by literary critics who expressed their opinion about a certain short story online.
Read and try to understand the info found
Probably, your vision of the story will cardinally change after you read a literary critique. Still, you need it for writing your short stories essay. What is more, any critique can help you write the essay about a short story in case you did not get the author’s message. Also, use free essays on short stories for this purpose.
Create parts of the essay on a short story
Remember, essays on short stories require three main parts: an introductory part, the main body, and a conclusion.
Introduction – present the subject of your essay on a short story. Clearly express your argument in this part of the short story essay.
Main Body – support your argument with the examples from the text.
Conclusion – present all the essentials of your analysis. Do not retell your essay on a short story in one or two sentences. Say what you have come up with.
Edit your essay
While editing the short stories essay, eliminate grammatical, spelling and other mistakes. Make sure that sentences are formulated correctly and all parts and thoughts in your paper are logically connected.
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