Topics for a Social Issue Essay

Topics for a Social Issue EssayWriting essays on social issues means that you have to discuss one of the problems related to people and society. You need to state your thoughts about this problem in your paper. If you face problems choosing a topic for the social issue essay, this article is just what you need. Here you will find several interesting propositions.
Write about love and betrayal
Do you think that the one who loves is able to betray? Do you think that such a person can be forgiven? Would you personally forgive your beloved if he/she betrayed you? You may answer these questions in the social issues essay.
Write about the immorality of online advertisements
One of the most burning problems of the present days is online advertising. You can consider this matter in social issues essays. Almost every web page opens with an advertisement pop out. It does not only irritate people but even becomes a manifestation of immorality. Some advertising are not only about the things you can find or buy by clicking on the window that pops out. Some of them are immoral and even pornographic. You may criticize them in the social issue essay.
Write about contacting people with AIDS
Do you criticize or respect those who contact people with AIDS? Present your point of view on this problem in the essay on social issues. Tell what you would do if you had to contact a person with AIDS. Would you avoid such people or try to understand their situation? You may also give real life examples of how other people treat those with AIDS in essays on social issues.
Remember that social issues essays should be not only interesting but also well-structured and organized. A good social issue essay should correspond to all the requirements set. Good luck!
What do you think about the problems we propose to discuss in essays on social issues?
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