Why Use an Essay Spell Checker

Why Use an Essay Spell CheckerDid you ever think that essay spell check was not invented by dummies, and that it is actually useful? Do you also know the saying that the only funny typo is someone else’s? Can you see where this is all going?
Well, enough of questions. All we want to say is that bad typos sometimes happen even to good people, and to avoid them, better use an essay spell checker.
For years, I have been working in a writing company, have edited hundreds of essays and seen enough to state: EDIT AND PROOFREAD before you turn in your writing. Use an essay spell checker if you are not brilliant in English.
It surely does not mean that checking essays automatically will prevent you from all possible mistakes. In particular, if you mistyped “widow” instead of “window,” an essay checker will not point at it, so here all you need is clear head and attention. As to the rest, including grammar and punctuation, the MS Word essay checker will be your pass to safe and correct writing.
Use Wisely
Surely, not everything proposed by an essay spell check will work for you. For example, some moves aimed at making a text more narrative meet the fierce resistance of the MS Word essay checker. But if you are sure in what you are writing and how you are using punctuation, you should be just fine.
If, however, you are in doubts (which is good), use grammar and punctuation guidelines. Be prepared, there are too much of them for the beginner and they often scare people away.
If you are not the courageous one, welcome to the professional world of editing in custom writing services.
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