Free Ideas for Advanced Research Papers on Advertising

Free Ideas for Advanced Research Papers on AdvertisingIt is a well-known fact that advertising is crucially important for the promotion of new products and services. Do you know what is necessary to write an outstanding research paper on advertising? Definitely, it is a good topic.
Coming up with good ideas is always challenging. You are about to start writing your research paper on advertising, which means you have to consider some important issues.
If you still have no issues to present in your research paper on advertising, let us share several ideas with you.
Advertising and stereotyping
If you choose to cover this topic in your research paper on advertising, you will have to focus on two major issues:
Class, gender, and racial stereotyping in advertising;
The impact different stereotypes in advertising have on people.
Do not forget to include examples that will make your research paper on advertising sound more convincing.
Political advertising
Political advertising is a powerful tool for persuading voters, and it is a perfect topic for research papers on advertising. Did you know that in 1996, future President Clinton spent $98.4 million on TV commercials? In your research paper on advertising, discuss some peculiarities of political advertising, its kinds, etc.
Advertising in the 1920’s
“Roaring Twenties” was a period of dramatic changes in the United States. Advertising contributed to those changes greatly as well. Although advertising in the 1920’s was less sophisticated than it is now, it influenced people greatly. In what particular ways? You will have to explain this in the research paper on advertising.
If you want to amaze your tutor with the research paper on advertising, we suggest you compare today’s advertising and that of the 1920’s. As an example, you can take Coca-Cola or Palmolive soap and trace the changes in advertising.
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