Hiroshima Research Paper – Questions to Answer

Hiroshima Research Paper – Questions to Answer“My God, what have we done?”
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis was one of the pilots attacking Hiroshima, and this is what he wrote in his journal straight after the bomb was dropped. Pilots of B-29 were so shocked with what they saw. The effects of dropping that atomic bomb were terrible and devastating.
Yes, we are talking about the first atomic bomb that was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. This is what you will be dealing with when preparing your research paper.
Certainly, the topic of Hiroshima has already been discussed hundreds of times. BUT, you still have a chance to create a captivating Hiroshima research paper.
We suggest you answer several questions in your Hiroshima research paper. If you answer them properly and demonstrate a bit of your creativity, your Hiroshima research paper will be just perfect.
Hiroshima research papers: question #1
When and how was the bomb dropped? You can answer these questions at the beginning of your Hiroshima research paper. Mention the exact date and time of the attack. Explain what the terms “Little Boy” and “A-Bomb Dome” mean. Describe what was happening in Hiroshima during the first 30 minutes after the attack.
We recommend you find the stories of eyewitnesses. They will make your Hiroshima research paper more impressive. For instance, include in your Hiroshima research paper several stories about people’s first impressions from the attack.
In fact, what people saw was really terrifying. Little Boy (an atomic bomb) generated huge amounts of heat and radiation. It was like the second sun in the sky, the same hot and dazzling. It burnt everything within the radius of 1.5 miles, houses and people. Can you believe that the air temperature at that moment of explosion was several million degrees Centigrade? Rays of radiation and heat were spreading in all directions.
Do you want to make your Hiroshima research paper even more impressive and striking? Tell about that notorious Mushroom Cloud. How did it form and develop? Do not forget to supply Hiroshima research paper with a picture of this cloud.
Hiroshima research papers: question #2
Next you should discuss the effects of the bomb, both short and long term, in your Hiroshima research paper. It is estimated that nearly 140,000 people died by the end of the year 1945. A huge amount of Hiroshima citizens died in the first few months after the attack. Those who managed to survive were suffering from diseases and genetic problems.
Find more shocking facts and statistics about the effects of the attack and introduce them in your Hiroshima research paper.
When talking about the effects in your Hiroshima research paper, mention four main components of an atomic bomb: radiation, energy, heat, and blast. Discuss the effect of each component briefly.
Hiroshima research papers: question #3
Finally, you can answer the central question in your Hiroshima research paper. Was it really necessary to drop the bomb? Japan at that particular period was almost ready to surrender. The war was about to finish. Then what reasons did the U.S. have for dropping the bomb? You will have to explain them in your Hiroshima research paper. Besides, it is necessary to discuss the alternative measures that the Unites States could have used.
This part of your Hiroshima research paper will require work with lots of primary and secondary sources. You need to know the arguments of the President Truman and Henry Stimson – the Secretary of War.
So, in your Hiroshima research paper, you can answer all three questions or focus on one of them.
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