Research Paper Evaluation – Criteria You Need to Know

Research Paper Evaluation – Criteria You Need to KnowYou have completed a research paper. It seems you have done everything properly, your paper is well organized, meets all necessary requirements, etc. However, when you get your research paper back, you do not see the grade you expected.
Why? Maybe you just do not know the criteria for research paper evaluation. If this is the case, you should not count on a high grade. If you want to succeed, you definitely have to know what your tutor wants to see in research papers.
Thus, let us to tell you more about research paper evaluation. Here is a list of factors that affect your grade.
Research paper evaluation: introduction
A strong thesis statement – this is what tutors are looking for in your research paper introduction. Besides, tutors pay attention to the overall organization of this part and the way you introduce a topic.
Remember two major points about the body of your paper:
It should be logical and coherent;
It should be organized according to a certain plan.
Research paper evaluation: clarity
First, make sure that your paper is free from all kinds of mistakes and errors. Second, it is important to explain everything in your own words. Better do not use too many specific terms.
Research paper evaluation: conclusion
There is one significant point that your tutor will pay attention to. He/she wants you to draw conclusions from the research you have carried out. So, you need to show what you have learned
Research paper evaluation: sources
It is an extremely important aspect of your research paper. You need to have a sufficient number of sources. Your sources should include not only books but also scientific articles. Usually, articles are considered the most up-to-date sources. So, keep in mind this criterion of research paper evaluation.
So, these are basic research paper evaluation criteria.
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