Two Options for Writing Essays on My School

Two Options for Writing Essays on My SchoolWe are sure you will remember those years spent in school for the rest of your life. You will remember your teachers, peers, school events, homecomings. Maybe, in 30 years you will write memoirs, telling about your school life.
You know, you have a chance to practice writing about your school because an essay on My School is your next assignment.
If you still have not decided what to write about in the My School essay, we are glad to suggest you a couple of ideas. Particularly, we want to talk about two options for writing My School essays.
My school is the best!
Do you believe that you school is the best one? Then tell about it in your essay on My School. However, you need to find really strong arguments to prove it. Think about things that make your school unique: teachers, principal, cafeteria, playground, library, etc. Probably, some famous personalities are the graduates of your school. Do not hesitate to tell about them in your essay on My School.
If you decided to study in this particular school, explain the reasons for your choice in the essay on My School.
I hate my school!
Well, it also happens. Every school has some drawbacks and things that students do not like about it. If this is the case, tell what makes you dislike it in the essay on My School. Hope your teacher will not mind it. Anyway, probably it is better to ask him/her before writing such an essay on My School.
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