What Is a Thesis – Opinions and Definitions

What Is a Thesis – Opinions and DefinitionsYou have signed up for writing a thesis. Do you have a clear answer to the question “What is a thesis”? To be more precise, do you understand the very gist of thesis writing? Sure, you can find official definitions and explanations of what a thesis is. However, they will tell you almost nothing about this kind of work.
If you really want to know what a thesis is, better find out what people who have completed their projects think about it. We know such people and they are glad to share their experience with you.
So, what is a thesis? Here are several real life stories that will explain you everything.
What is a thesis? Opinion #1
“At first I thought it was a kind of “monster.” It is a huge project that cannot be compared to any kind of work you have done before. Even the most complicated research paper has nothing to do with a thesis. Still, I know for sure that this “monster” can be tamed. Stay highly motivated throughout the writing process and never give up!”
What is a thesis? Opinion #2
“I can say that any thesis is about time management. Plan everything, starting from your meetings with an advisor to times when you are going to have lunch. Only planning and your ability to follow it will help you survive.”
What is a thesis? Opinion #3
“What is a thesis? Well, it is a time-consuming and quite frustrating process. However, it is such a rewarding experience! It is hard to describe those feelings that I had after completing my project. I was just so proud and satisfied.”
So, do you understand now what a thesis is? If you still do not, read about 10 rules of thesis writing.
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