Signs of a Strong Research Paper Thesis Statement

Signs of a Strong Research Paper Thesis StatementA strong thesis statement is important for any kind of academic papers you will have to complete. You have definitely prepared quite a number of those. However, making a thesis statement is still somewhat confusing and unclear.
Now, you are working on your research paper and certainly expect to get a high grade on it. Well, then you have to take care of your research paper thesis statement. Let us check whether you know the basic characteristics of strong research papers thesis statements.
A research paper thesis statement: where should it be placed?
The correct answer is “In the introductory paragraph of your paper”. This exact part of your project prepares readers to listen to what you are going to tell. A research paper thesis statement is something that will affect the reader’s decision whether to continue reading your paper or not.
A research paper thesis statement: how should it look like?
A research paper thesis is a one-two sentence statement. Pay attention to the word “statement”. Some students tend to make research papers thesis statements in the form of a question, which is a big mistake. The thing is that questions do not reflect your opinion on a topic.
A research paper thesis statement: what are its basic characteristics?
Keep in mind the following characteristics:
A research paper thesis statement is not a topic of your work but your position on it.
A strong thesis statement is focused, which means is not too broad. After all, it is depth not breadth that really matters in a research paper.
A strong thesis cannot be created from scratch. It is a result of reading, thinking, and brainstorming.
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