Animal Farm Research Papers – What to Start with

Animal Farm Research Papers – What to Start withHope you have already made the first step to completing your Animal Farm research paper and have read the novel of George Orwell. We suppose you like the story, since it is written in a satirical manner, is easy to read and understand.
Animal Farm research paper writing can be a bit more complicated. It might be not easy to come up with a good idea for your Animal Farm research paper. Most likely, you will face some other difficulties at the very beginning of the writing process.
Here are several pieces of advice on how to get ready for writing your Animal Farm research paper.
Stalinism is the central theme of the novel, and we advise you to learn more about this particular period in the Soviet history. Particularly, you may focus on the Red Terror and Great Purge.
Find out more about other events and prominent personalities in the world history related to that period before writing your Animal Farm research paper. For instance, the rise of Hitler, Revolution of 1917 in Russia, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, etc.
Now, let us offer several topic ideas that you can highlight in Animal Farm research papers.
Explain the symbolism in the names of the main characters in your Animal Farm research paper. Compare characters in the novel with their real life prototypes.
Think over the role of windmill in the novel. In a few words, it represents changes. Provide examples of those changes in your Animal Farm research paper.
Speak upon Seven Commandments in Animal Farm research paper. What were the initial purposes of creating them? How did they change in the course of the novel?
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