How to Develop a Research Paper on GSM

How to Develop a Research Paper on GSMCell phones turned into an absolutely necessary commodity for millions of people around the world. Do you remember your first phone? Do you remember how many phones you have already changed?
However, this article is not devoted to cell phones but to the main principle of their work – GSM. To be more exact, this article is devoted to your research paper on GSM that you have to prepare.
So, as far as we can guess, you are an advanced user of a mobile phone but have no clue how it actually works. It means you do not know much about GSM and perhaps even do not know what this abbreviation stands for.
Do not panic. You still have a chance to produce a good research paper on GSM but will just have to invest a bit more efforts into completing it. We suggest you use this short outline for research papers on GSM.
Research papers on GSM: point 1
We suppose you need to start with a definition. GSM stands for Global system for mobile communication. It is a standard for digital cellular communication, which is accepted and used globally. In this part of your research paper on GSM, you can also give some general details like:
nearly 3 billion people use GSM;
GSM is used in more than 212 countries;
GSM includes one emergency number (112), which can be used in any country of the world.
Research papers on GSM: point 2
Next you can introduce in your research paper on GSM some basic GSM concepts and services. Particularly, you may focus on things like SMS, GPRS, etc.
Research paper on GSM: point 3
Say a few words about GSM security. How does GSM provide security and confidentiality? Tell about UMTS, A5/1, and A5/2 stream ciphers.
So, this simple plan will help you create an informative research paper on GSM.
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