Top 4 Ideas for Research Papers on Robotics

Top 4 Ideas for Research Papers on Robotics
A technical paper on robotics is definitely a task for smart students or, at least, for those who cannot live without the most up-to-date technologies. However, even such students may have problems with writing research papers on robotics.
We are almost sure that you are stuck trying to find a worthwhile topic for your research paper on robotics. Well, this happens, since there are so many issues related to robotics.
You can start with looking through previous papers on robotics and automation. Find out what other smart guys choose as the main ideas for their research papers on robotics.
So, you can pick one of those ideas that you find and develop it further in your own research paper on robotics or you can look through the list of our suggestions right now.
Top 4 ideas for research papers on robotics
These are the latest findings in the field of robotics. Your paper can be devoted to one of the robots that are designed and act like animals.
This robot looks and jumps like a grasshopper. Jollbot can take off the ground up to the height of almost 2 feet. In your research paper on robotics, tell about the inventors of Jollbot, some peculiarities of this robot, etc.
Creation of this robot was inspired by an ordinary swift. It is a micro-aircraft that is made in the shape of a bird and is highly maneuverable. Describe in your research paper on robotics the mechanism that allows this robot to work.
Three robofish were designed by researchers in the University of Washington. The main peculiarity of robofish is that they can communicate with each other under water.
Robotic fly
This tiny 8 mm long robot looks and functions exactly as a housefly. This particular finding is considered unique because of its really small sizes. So, give more details about it in your research paper on robotics.
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