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Gaining Knowledge Through A TOK Essay
A TOK essay would talk about Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) and try to answer questions that do not have a definite answer. When one has to confront a situation that includes unknown elements, the best solution is to refer to several answers that could help them make an informed decision. Students have to attempt topics that do not offer research material or answers. In such cases, it is best solution is the essays to tutors or professionals who are considered experts on the subject. If they have to complete the entire essay project on their own, they need to be familiar with methods that could used to compile it.
• The question raised through the TOK essay should be lit up. Students should not try to answer the question but should attempt to ask counter questions related to the topic. For example, students could ask what the problem is and how it can be answered. The answer at this stage may not be very relevant, but a faint idea could provide the right direction in getting the most appropriate answer.
• There are many ways to think about the problem. Different situations can be achieved by creating arguments and counter arguments. Always try to think of relevant examples derived from self experience. Relate to each situation created through the argument with an incident or event experienced earlier.
• Appropriate research is vital for the success of the essay. When arguments and counter arguments are thought of, they should be supported by evidence in the form of examples. While relating an argument with a personal experience, it would be prudent to scan the internet for other examples that have been recorded and verified. For instance, students may have experienced tremors in their hometown, but recorded facts of the consequences of tremors at other locations would help describe the event better. An added advantage is that it would help find other ideas and points missed out earlier.
• Students should use essay writing techniques that express their personal viewpoints. Though the research content may include examples gathered from the internet or other sources, they must have a viewpoint of their own. The purpose of writing the essay is to gather knowledge and to be able to air their views about a given topic that may not have definite answers. It must be an assessment that leads to revealing several options, which further leads to the one the writer thinks is the most appropriate.
• The online world has reached dynamic status where it can anticipate the needs of readers and present them with relevant information. A TOK essay, if written with conviction, would be appreciated by many readers. Students must not hesitate to find an essay helper over the internet. The helper could help compile difficult essays for students and provide the direction a student could take to attempt further projects.
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