Research Papers on Internet: Problems to Touch Upon

Research Papers on Internet: Problems to Touch UponInternet is something that millions of people around the world cannot live without. Internet has turned into a source of information, entertainment, means of communication, and so on.
So, this time you need to write a research paper on Internet. It is quite strange that you cannot come up with good ideas for your project. We are sure you are an advanced Internet user. Your personal experience of using the World Wide Web can be a perfect basis for your Internet research paper.
Anyway, if you need specific ideas to develop in the research paper on Internet, we are ready to help you. These are several problems to touch upon in research papers on Internet.
Internet and education systems
What role does Internet play for the modern education system? On the one hand, students do not have to spend hours in libraries, since they can find all necessary info on the Web. It seems to be so convenient.
On the other hand, quite often Internet is used for cheating. So, tell in your Internet research paper what you think about the effect of the Web on students and education they finally get.
Internet addiction
It is not a secret that after a while some people get addicted to Internet and start living a cyber life. You can make a kind of survey for your research paper on Internet. Investigate the following issues and introduce results in the research paper on Internet :
People of what age and gender use Internet;
Their purposes of using the Web;
Time they spend each day surfing the Web, etc.
Cyberbullying and other hazards
Cyberbullying has turned into a serious problem that is worth considering in Internet research papers. Probably, you have experience in being cyberbullied. Then, tell about it in your work. Explain in your Internet research paper what other cyber hazards people may face.
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