Critical Analysis Research Papers: Essentials to Learn

Critical Analysis Research Papers: Essentials to LearnYou are happy because you need to write a critical analysis research paper. Now, you are getting ready to criticize and give negative feedbacks on someone’s work.
We suppose you will be even happier to find out that you need to criticize a research paper of one of your peers. And you will ask to make a critical analysis of a research paper of that guy you do not like the most.
Well, we have bad news for you. Critical analysis research papers are not designed to take revenge on someone or express your negative attitude to this or that author.
Look through examples of critical analysis papers. Then, read our tips once again to find out some basic principles of writing critical analysis research papers.
The gist of critical analysis research papers
The main purpose of writing this kind of papers is to give an argument about a certain book, article, movie, paper, etc.
The writer of a critical analysis research paper has to achieve two main purposes:
Define and give explanations on the author’s argument;
Give his/her argument about that point of view.
Keep in mind one major rule of writing critical analysis research papers. Your task boils down not to summarizing a certain work but to evaluating the author’s position and arguments.
How to evaluate the author’s position and argument
Criticizing reputable authors and their ideas seems a bit intimidating. There are several questions that you should answer when writing your critical analysis research paper:
What is the author’s background knowledge? How does he/she understand a certain situation?
Does the author provide specific and relevant evidences to support his/her argument?
Does the author’s argument change throughout the work or remains the same?
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