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An Effective Management Essay
A management essay is a common exercise attempted by MBA students as part of their study program. A marketing management student would focus on writing about topics that concern marketing techniques, while a finance student would write about financial models. The level of knowledge required to compile essays is quite high. It is expected, as students are learning to be experts in their particular field. Some find it difficult to cope up with the required standards. They come from different educational backgrounds and are used to writing essays using methods learned in school. There are steps that can be taken to ensure that the exercise is completed as a matter of routine.
The topic is focused on a subject students are learning in class. They must therefore have sound knowledge about it. The ideal way of going about compiling the management essay is to gather information about it from notes taken down in class. Students have better understanding of what is taught. Also, the content used would be written in their own style of writing. Another important aspect to consider is that a topic could be used to write about a sub topic. For example, the topic could be “The Effect Of Internet On Marketing Strategies.” Students could focus on writing on particular techniques that have been covered in class. The essay statement would effectively incorporate the keywords related to those techniques.
Focus on using a management model applicable to a particular topic. Management is all about using systems to achieve a certain goal. It could be a financial model, a marketing model, or a statistical model related to surveys. The reason for introducing a model is quite simple. Readers interested in a management essay would be able to identify with it. The level of understanding would depend on how well students convey the message across in the essay. For instance, a model would require support data including examples, analysis, and reference material from reliable sources. Students must aim to convey the message at their level of understanding. Simple language blended with precise and complete information about the topic would go a long way in establishing a rapport with readers.
Dealing with new technologies generates interest among readers. Management techniques are constantly being updated in the world of business. It is imperative that students learn to adapt to these changes. The same should reflect in their essays. While it is necessary to write on topics and sub topics covered in class, students must be up-to-date with the latest management trends and techniques. While attempting a MBA admission essay, they would have little choice but to find information on the topic offered. It then becomes an exercise in gathering relevant and fresh information. The internet is the ideal source of information for research and business trends. A university essay may not require students to focus on practical aspects of a theoretical model, but they must have the latest information covered. It could be done with the help of quotes from relevant experts or with the help of an analysis of a live project. A management essay can be a tool to learn the latest management trends.
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