What Makes an Original Research Paper or Term Paper

What Makes an Original Research Paper or Term PaperThere is one question that you trying to answer: what did your teacher mean under an original research paper?
Well, it is quite odd that you did not get necessary explanations. Or, perhaps, you missed that part when your tutor was giving instructions. Anyway, now you need to sort out what an original term paper or research paper is about and what your tutor is waiting for.
First, let us find out your personal understanding of what original term or research papers are. As far as we know, many students misinterpret this task. So, if you think that an original research paper is a paper done using some unconventional approaches to writing or was typed using some original fonts, or that it is a good term paper that contains some sort of images, you misunderstood your task.
Thus, let us tell you what original term and research papers are.
What is an original term paper or research paper about?
An original paper means a piece of writing that contains an element of original research.
What does original research mean?
One of the main features of original research is new knowledge, some original ideas that the writer comes up with independently, studying primary sources, etc.
So, already known ideas that you summarize and introduce in your own words are not considered to be original and do not make original research papers or term papers.
What are some types of original research?
Actually, there are a lot of them. Your choice will depend on the research area of your original research paper or term paper. Some of them are observations, experiments, interpretations of some results, etc.
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