A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Summary Essays

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Summary EssaysThose who have experience in writing summary essays will tell you that it is one of the easiest tasks they have ever had. All you have to do is read a certain source carefully and make sure you understand it.
Definitely, if you write a summary essay for the first time, this information is not enough. This is why we have already prepared necessary explanations for you.
The first recommendation we have is find summary essay examples. It is the most effective way to figure out how essay summaries are organized and what information is usually included. But be careful when you type “summary” in a search engine. If you write something like “summery essay”, no one knows what recommendations you will get.
Now, let us pass to some peculiarities of writing summary essays.
The gist of writing summary essays
To understand the gist of a summary essay, first make sure you understand what summarizing means. In a few words, summarizing can be defined as repeating what you have read or found out in your own words.
What is your major task?
Actually, there are two important tasks. First, you have to read a text attentively, make sure you understand it, and jot down key points. Second, think of the ways to convey these key points to the reader so that he/she could understand the text without reading it.
What do summary essays consist of?
Usually, summary essays have two sections:
An introduction that includes the title of the text, its author, the main idea of the text. Sometimes it also presents important background info about the author or text.
Body paragraphs of a summary essay repeat the main idea of the text. You just have to express it in your own words.
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